You release the music, we keep watch
Accelerating data driven decisions for your music business activities


Record Labels

We work with major and independent labels to streamline access of music airplay data across the continent.

Music Publishers

Publishers can now tap into our data to inform the proper consumption of their client's intellectual property.

Collecting Societies

Collecting societies can plug into our data to easen its royalty collection and distribution process.

Digital Distributors

Digital music distributors can provide a wholesome approach on their client's music data.

Independent Artists

Indie artists can now access data with ease regarding their music perfomance on broadcast media.

Brands/Advertising Agencies

Brands & advertising agencies can shape their marketing strategies with informed data from the music space.

We monitor and aggregate data from broadcast media
Internet of Things.

We tap into the power of a connected world of devices to capture relevant and accurate data from broadcast media in an efficient and time-saving approach for our customers.

Big Data.

We leverage on big data and analytics to extract valuable data from the voluminous and complex information we collect from our broadcast media streams.

Machine Learning.

We rely on the power of machine learning to optimize and automatically analyze more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results for the music industry.

Our Team
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